Oops! I did it again!

Is it wrong to love a pattern so much that you just want to make it over and over? I’ve just finished my third, yes third, Moneta. And there are still more to come! I wanted to show you my first version today. It doesn’t make me sound like the most intrepid of sewists, but everything about this pattern suits me down to the ground. The Moneta flatters a curvier figure, it’s quick to make, there’s no need to worry about fit, and it’s so darn comfortable to wear in our glorious British heatwave. I want one in every colour!

Polka Dot Moneta

I’m rapidly becoming a Colette Patterns devotee. Apart from liking their aesthetic, I seem to fall within their standard proportions for sizing.  The Laurel dress and the Beignet skirt both fit straight out of the envelope with no need for alterations. This came as a relief after my early foray into commercial patterns last year. Unlike high street fashion sizing, which has increased in line with the population’s increasing waistline, for consistency’s sake commercial pattern companies have stuck to their original 1940-1950s sizing statistics. These are rather unforgiving on a modern figure (unless you have a perfect hourglass shape with a waspish waist).  As a newish sewist, I found it hard to get the fit right and lacked the skills and confidence to tackle serious alterations. Since then I’ve mainly used indie patterns and have found their use of ‘modern’ sizing much more suited to my shape.

I have also learned that pattern companies specify the cup size they design for. Colette Patterns draft for a C cup, while the big commercial companies draft for a B cup. So if you are larger than a B cup you should use a high bust measurement to select the right size, and then alter to fit with a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). It’s a shame it took a year to figure that out. So that’s my next major challenge. Anyway, I digress…none of this is relevant to the Moneta, and that’s partly why I love it so much! It’s homemade fast fashion at its sassiest.

Polka Dot Moneta

The polka dot version was the first of my many Monetas. I went for the three-quarter sleeve. The fabric was from Simply Fabrics in Brixton. I fell in love with the colour. As with many of the fabrics in this fabulous place, it was sample for a High Street store. No further details known! I snapped up a couple of metres, then panicked and sent Mr S-S-L back the next day for another metre.

I found the pattern really easy to follow. The only fiddly bit was sewing the gathered skirt to the bodice while feeding the clear elastic tape under the needle. I don’t have an overlocker so all the sewing was done on my sewing machine using a zig zag stitch, regular foot and ballpoint needle. I had avoided stretch fabrics thinking that only an overlocker could handle them. Not the case! I’m sure a walking foot would ensure an even better finish.

I can’t promise that I’ve made my last Moneta. I’ve filled a huge gap in my wardrobe with smart, yet casual, comfortable dresses.

Which patterns have you loved so much that you’ve made multiple versions?


10 thoughts on “Oops! I did it again!

  1. I usually use my patterns as many times as I like, as ling as I am happy with the outcome, so I DO understand you. This pattern and the dress outcome look fabulous, so keep using it 🙂 Great job!


  2. Hey, if it feels wonderful and makes you stand taller–make seven! People won’t notice the dress, they’ll notice the gorgeous woman.

    I designed some wide leg pants that feel like heaven flowing around me when I walk. I’m on my third pair and still sewing!


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