Moneta the Third

Leopard Moneta

At the risk of repeating myself – here’s another Moneta! Seriously, I’ve got to give up the easy stuff and crack on with developing my sewing skills. But it was too hard when this fab leopard print was in my stash purring to become a late summer dress.

Leopard Moneta

As usual, this is definitely my temporary favourite! The fabric was from the ever reliable and always unpredictable¬†Simply Fabrics in Brixton. I love that you’re never more than a cat’s whisker away from animal print when fabric shopping in Brixton! There’s something about this feline number that gives me a spring in my step when I wear it…!


5 thoughts on “Moneta the Third

  1. I love all of your Moneta dresses! I have the pattern waiting in my to-make pile and will try to get on to it soon after seeing how well yours came out. Good look with the Emery dress!


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