Knitted Prawns and the Slow Burn Socks

Help me, sewing chums! I am spinning dangerously out of control in a vortex of fabric and patterns, pins and needles! I wouldn’t normally attempt several patterns at once, but a recent record-breaking haul from Simply Fabrics and the arrival of several new patterns through the post/printer has left me in a bit of a tizz. I can barely stay awake at work, such is the fervour of round-the-clock stitching.

Having fallen so hard for the Emery, I’m busy with my second one in an eye-watering floral print. The only thing is, it feels a bit like upholstery fabric so I may end up looking like a 1970s toilet-roll cover. Watch this space! Thankfully I bought 3 metres, and as I was mulling over the fabric weight problem, it came to me: they’d make a perfect pair of trousers! So, no sooner said than done, Sew Over It’s Ultimate Trouser pattern found it’s way out of my printer.

Last, but not least, I had been eyeing up a number of gorgeous Deer & Doe Sureau dresses on the interwebs, with a view to using up my remaining stash of chambray and denim-linen. I also really want to make one in a Liberty Tana Lawn I found when Simply Fabrics confounded all expectation with a few bolts of Liberty (that was an expensive lunchbreak, eh Lou?!). My favourites (again) come courtesy of Paunnet: here in gorgeous doe print fabric, and here in another similarly gorgeous print.

So, while I get busy I’m going to add a few posts of other recent makes. But before I do, the arrival of autumn weather brings the subject of winter sports crafts to the fore…

I know, I know, it’s a sewing blog. But you can’t take your sewing machine to the pub or on the train, or get cosy on the sofa with it on your lap. So here’s my solution for crafty fingers…. socks!

A good friend of mine, Sarah, has been knitting socks like a demon this year and made some beautiful pairs for my girls. They look so gorgeous in the variegated yarn that I couldn’t resist. It may be a while til the first one is done, so I’m blogging it now to commit to finishing a whole pair by Christmas!

And finally, by popular demand, my lifelong pal Horsey has requested I share my knitted prawns with the blogosphere. Here they are with a courtesy side order of pepperoni pizza. Enjoy!

knitted prawns & pizza


8 thoughts on “Knitted Prawns and the Slow Burn Socks

  1. I am having the same dilemma. Have actually booked to do the workshop for the ultimate trousers in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to that. The Sureau is a lovely make – I haven’t blogged mine yet. The prawns … Funky!

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  2. Oh my cod! I have been waiting a long time for something fishy. Everything has its plaice and the prawn cocktail has gone way beyond a simple starters for me. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, the world’s salty waters are short on knitted prawns. Definitely a gap in the fish market. No fishing for compliments here, this is my favourite entry so far. A real prawn cracker!

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