Meeting Sewists & Bloggers In Real Life, oh and another Moneta

Colette Patterns Moneta

Last weekend I did something a little out of character. I left my house with the sole purpose of meeting people I’d only ever read about on the internet. Don’t get me wrong; I’m no stalker. I’m just a girl who loves to sew clothes! It’s part of my life these days. But it’s a solitary hobby, and our human condition requires us to seek out like-minded folk with whom to share our interests. So I did!

The meet-up was in honour of Lauren LLadybird’s visit to London. As well as Lauren, there were a number of other bloggers present who have provided so much inspiration and, frankly, good sewing company since I discovered the sewing blogosphere. Slightly star-struck as a meet-up newbie, I felt like I was rubbing shoulders with internet royalty. To the rest of the world we were just a noisy gaggle of shoppers.  I wasn’t sure how communal fabric shopping would work in practice, but it turned out to be more expensive than the solitary version! And so much chatting… I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was to strike up conversations with total strangers (whether I’d stalked their blogs or not). Within minutes we were scrutinising each others’ outfits, fondling fabric, examining seams, trading tips.


I had to leave early so missed out on the post-shopping refreshments and gossip session, but not before I’d made a few friends and purchases. I tend not to buy fabric without a project in mind. Of late, I have also been giving lots of thought as to what kinds of garments I want to make. I embarked on this sewing journey to fill the gaps in my wardrobe with clothes I love and would not find or afford in high street shops. To date I’ve veered towards outfits that I wear for work, for example my Emery Dress. These patterns tend to be more exciting and eye-catching, and frankly more interesting to make and write about than wardrobe staples. But I want to increase the handmade garments I can wear in my leisure time too. New Year’s Resolution alert!


Inspired by fellow sewist Rachel’s navy blue corduroy Grainline Moss mini skirt, I had to get myself some dark blue cord in A-One Fabrics. My favourite Goldhawk Road shop, Classic Textiles, didn’t disappoint either. I left with a few metres of blue cotton chambray with a Grainline Archer shirt with gathered back detail in mind. I also scored some fabulous elephant print cotton lawn and floral poplin for my future foray into children’s sewing. The final purchases were totally gratuitous: African Wax Prints in cherries on navy, and crazy cerise. I didn’t need either but the group thing was working its magic and 5.5m of Wax Print for £12 seemed like an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Colette Patterns Moneta

On the sewing front, I have been making slow progress with the birthday frock. For some reason I’m making a real meal out of this one. Googling pattern reviews has been akin to looking up medical symptoms: you begin to fear the worst. The spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down was the arrival of my latest Moneta. I don’t know how it happened! One minute I was busily preparing pattern pieces for the Vogue 1342, and the next I had cut out a Moneta in black jersey that I’d bought earlier in the summer. I am thrilled with this make. It was straightforward and provided almost instant gratification. It fits beautifully, and as it’s a black longer-sleeved version it’s both seasonally appropriate and stylish. I love it! Happy sewing!!

Colette Patterns Moneta

23 thoughts on “Meeting Sewists & Bloggers In Real Life, oh and another Moneta

  1. I am SO jealous, SO JEALOUS! The Moneta looks lovely – did you use that clear elastic stuff? The black looks like a really great day to evening wear item. I don’t seem to be able to finish anything at the moment and although I have lots of WIP I want to be doing, there is so horrid pile of mock marking calling my name. Looking forward to the birthday frock post.


  2. Your meet up sounds like it was well worth it. I intend to go to Goldhawk Road sometime in the near future. I have made it to Simply Fabrics in Brixton. The man running the shops is really helpful and patient. You never know what will be there.
    I love your Moneta. It looks very professional and very striking. I have ordered a pattern and it seems to be taking ages to arrive.
    DId you use the clear elastic and if you did where do you get it from? Is it easy to use? That’s enough questions!
    I can’t wait to make a Moneta now.
    Good luck with your birthday creation.


    • Hello! I did use clear elastic (see other comment). I bought it in the other Simply Fabrics shop across the road. It was 5p per metre. I used stay-tape to attach it to the back shoulder piece before stitching it into place. With the waistline I just fed it in while I was sewing the two pieces together. Good luck & enjoy!


  3. Beautiful! What a lovely dress, looks super professional 🙂 I’m with you on the solitary nature of sewing, usually I love the peace and quiet, but it would be great to meet some sewing buddies to meet up with. I’ve actually been thinking about joining my local WI as I thought they might do classes in one shape or another, worried it might just e one more thing to fit in though…

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  4. Gorgeous dress, it looks very chic in black. [Note to self to buy some black fabric!] Am gutted I wasn’t able to make the Goldhawk meet up. It was just as well I didn’t know about it as I was ill and would have been doubly annoyed had I made plans to go.


  5. That looks great! It is so gratifying to be able to sew something up fairly quickly and just have it fit! By the way, I was nervous going to the meet-up, so it was nice to start off with such a friendly chat with you there at the train station!


  6. I really like your take on the moneta. i think it works really well made up in a plain fabric. I have seen a lot of the moneta and it is certainly heading up my list of ‘to buy’ patterns – but as i’m still fighting my way through Dahlia…ahem. It seems like I was also on goldhawk road the same time as your meet-up and I also came away with some really cheap wax print! As you said how can you refuse 5.5m of fabric for only £12!

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