Donna Karan makes it to the party

Seven weeks of procrastinating; seven hours of sewing!  I was thrilled to be picked by Beth of SunnyGal Studio Sewing and be the recipient of her pattern whispering. I wanted to do her, and myself, proud with a special make for my special night. So here she is…..


The pattern is marked as ‘difficult’. To be honest, I didn’t think it was too bad, or at least not as bad as I was expecting. What’s tricky is that the outer dress is made from one gigantic pattern piece, with a smaller piece attached. Cutting and marking took time as the all of the gathers, pleats and drapes needed to be marked. It was hard to fathom the construction at first, but once I got going it wasn’t too bad. I did struggle with my hungry sewing machine munching the fabric now and then. As it’s a one-off occasion dress I tried not to worry too much about construction. So you could say she’s a bit of an artist’s impression!


That said, I made an early mistake when attached the front right sleeve piece. But, as it’s only two pieces sewn together, that was quite a significant error. I tried to rectify it, with mixed results: the ruching no longer draped elegantly across the bust. As you can see, it’s leaving me a little lop-sided! Nevertheless, I persevered. I matched all the other marks and ended up with a working dress. The fabric (which I love) drapes beautifully, and has been quite kind to the numerous minor mistakes. Once I attached the power-mesh lining, the whole thing draped into place. It is, however, rather less elegant on the inside -no close-up shots today!


This dress is the last sewing project of the year, marking a real milestone in sewing achievements. It’s time to let the Janome cool off over the festive season. And the party was a blast, thanks for asking. Life begins…. x


35 thoughts on “Donna Karan makes it to the party

  1. Oh well done you – it’s FABULOUS! Seven hours? No – surely not. It is gorgeously elegant – teal is SO in now. We must have photos of you in it at the party. Your followers insist! Belated Happy Birthday – enjoy your festive break too x


  2. Well done you!! An amazing achievement and well worth persevering with it 🙂 It looks great and I bet it felt amazing to be wearing your own creation to the party that had come from such a complicated pattern!


  3. You look stunning. It is great to see jersey being used as well as it is my favourite fabric. Congratulations for your birthday and your dress. You did really well to sew it in such a short time.

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  4. It looks amazing! I think its the way forward to spend less time on occasional wear and more on the everyday clothes we’ll wear to death! Earlier this year i must’ve spent 20 hours on a dress and I’ve only worn it 3 times!! 😀

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  8. Hi, I’m making this dress at the moment and really struggling with attaching the lining. The instructions say to attach it wrong side (lining) to right side of the dress but this doesn’t seem to be working. How did you deal with the lining?


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