Bonnies by the Bunch!

Hey there! How have you been? Getting withdrawal symptoms after the end of series 3 GBSB?! Sewing has forced it’s way up to the top of my to-do list this week –Ā  a cheeky day off work spent on Goldhawk Road, the cutting out of my long-awaited Grainline Archer, and part 1 of the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers class. Part two is next week, and i literally cannot wait to finish my lurid red floral party pants. I’ve tried on one leg so far (admittedly not the best way to gauge fit) and I think there’s more work to be done to avoid the ‘jodhpur’ look.

lace bonnieBut, for your sewing pleasure today, I bring you a pair of Bonnies! I wrote plenty here of how much I loved this pattern by Bluegingerdoll. My beloved snakeskin version has become a wardrobe staple. I bought another metre of ponte roma from eBay, ensuring that the colour would work with my white-threaded overlocker (note to self: I really need to force myself to learn to re-thread this thing!).

This time around I added 1.5″ to the bodice length to cover a little more of my modesty. It retains the cropped look, but I still have to wear a vest under it. I loved it so much that I made another lengthened one from some gorgeous striped cotton knit from The Cloth House purchased with more birthday vouchers. Gosh, I was spoiled this year! Of all the things I have made this year, I am most pleased with my Bonnies.

Bluegingerdoll BonnieI am most definitely a repeat sewist – if I like it, I make it over and over again. Along with three Bonnies I’ve made four Monetas (spots, pink, snake, black) and three Mathildes (butterflies, chambray, Liberty lawn). Are you a thrifty sewist, making the most of your favourite patterns, or are you seduced by new patterns? What are your favourite go-to patterns to revamp?

kanervaI’ll leave you with one of my one-offs: the Named Patterns Kanerva top that nearly didn’t fit! Happy weekend!


17 thoughts on “Bonnies by the Bunch!

  1. I really love your bonnies too especially the striped one. I bought the pattern some time ago and even some fabric. However I am puzzled by the fabric suggestion when it says ‘fabric with 40%-50% stretch…. that really puts me off. What would you suggest?


  2. I’ve just done the full day ultimate trouser course yesterday. I will make so many more!!! I’ve never felt this way about trousers! I have the attention span of a fish when it comes to patterns. Which is strange because I trace, make a toile and then make the real thing, with so much effort it’s crazy I don’t make a few more haha


      • My trousers are wonderful!! The fitting help was a dream and I felt such confidence by having someone who knows so much so close at hand! Even the thought of doing trousers before was daunting but now I’m already planning multiple versions in so many different fabrics and tightness haha Can’t wait to see your ones. Every single one that came out of our class was so different it was great, so much inspiration šŸ™‚

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    • Ha ha!!! You’re not the first person to chortle at the mention of my pair of Bonnies!! The tutor is Dominique. It’s been a fantastic experience so far. I was able to get totally in ‘the zone’ as Dom was there to help with any fit issues. Can’t wait to sew my legs together next week. Not literally….


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