Ultimate Trousers!



Wanna see something that’ll make your eyes water?!

ultimate trousers

Introducing my first ever trousers, The Ultimate Trousers by Sew Over It. I bought the pattern some time ago, and was puzzling over getting the fit right. After reading in Clarinda Kaleidoscope’s review of the course that you get to try on toiles of each size, I decided that it was worth the money to attend the course and dropped Mother’s Day-sized hints! And it was worth every penny! The communal sewing experience was therapeutic and enjoyable. It was fascinating to see others’ fabric choices, and chat as we sewed. Dominique, our tutor, was amazing.

ultimate trousers

The trying-on session was the best possible way to get started, and I wasn’t a million miles away from the size I thought I should be. I had been puzzling over measuring my waist size as 3 dress sizes larger than my hips. The pattern is cut for an hourglass figure, it turns out. But the fitting process during the course confirmed my hunch that I’m no hourglass anymore. Once the trousers were assembled (minus the zip and facings), we went back to fitting and re-fitting until we got the shape we wanted. I was after a really slim fit that would work into spring and summer. I took several inches from the outer leg seam until I got the slim fit I was looking for. I used a heavy cotton stretch fabric from Simply Fabrics. The eagle-eyed among you might remember it from my Emery Dress of extreme loveliness. The fabric is quite stiff, and the dress does feel like you’re wearing a lampshade. So, the stretch in this fabric meant that the trousers grew a little during their first wear out. I took another inch from the leg seam to slim them down again.

ultimate trousers

This year’s sewing plan has been to build wardrobe essentials, and a slim fit summer trouser is exactly what I have been after. My second pair are made in African Wax print cotton bought on Goldhawk Road. The fabric doesn’t have any stretch, so I am hoping they will hold their shape. I’m really pleased with my new trousers and plan to make ‘boring’ pairs in black and navy. I absolutely had do go ‘statement’ on the first pair. After all, what’s the point in being to make your own if you’re not going to make something that no designer on earth would come up with?! But as I proudly wore them to work I did wonder what my trousers said/shrieked about me!

ultimate trousers


29 thoughts on “Ultimate Trousers!

  1. What an excellent idea to make your own trousers in the fabric and style that you want. I went shopping for some on Friday and it was an awful experience. I was exhausted and disappointed. Well done your trousers are wonderful.


    • Thank you! I don’t think I could find trousers in the shops that would fit like this: they’re a size 14 on the waist and 8 on the hip & leg!! It’s a really simple pattern, highly recommended.


  2. I think your fabric choices are getting bolder. Do you follow Sew Busy Lizzie? Her latest blog post features a brown/gold embossed type fabric which I think would look great on you. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the workshop – the trousersare a brilliant fit on you.


  3. Both pairs look amazing! I am currently trawling my way through making my first trousers (colette clovers) and am finding the fit a real struggle – Wish I lived nearer London, the class sounds like a great idea!!

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  4. These are fab! Sounds like you had to make similar adjustments to me over the waist. I have to stop myself sulking each time I take my measurements and am reminded I am no hour glass..!
    Wish I lived close enough to Sew Over It to try some of their classes.

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