Grainline Archer. Warning: Contains Graphic Images of Topstitching!

Happy Almost Easter, fellow citizens of the stitchosphere! I’ve got something a bit more demure to show you this week, so no need to adjust the colour setting on your digital device!

A shirt! With topstitching! The Archer by Grainline Studios has been a labour of love these past weeks. After steaming through a cluster of Bonnies and trousers, I relished taking on a project that involved numerous steps, each taken lovingly and slowly. I dialled up the Archer Sewalong, and settled in with laptop beside sewing machine and overlocker to be led through the construction. I used cotton chambray from Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road, which was a bargainous £3 per metre. Archer The fabric pressed easily and behaved beautifully, so it was easy to be accurate. I used a water soluble fabric marker, which you can see around the buttonholes on the photos. Overall, it was a pleasure to sew with. I went back to the textbook and used the used the overlocker to finish seams inside. As recommended, I pressed the seams to one side and topstitched along the seams on the right side to mimic the flat-fell seams typically found on a denim or chambray shirt.

After a bit of research on collars, I decided to follow Four Square Wall’s tutorial for assembling in a different order for a more accurate finish. I’d recommend it – I was really pleased with the way it went in.

Archer So far, so good. It was all going so well until it was time to stitch the button holes. I felt the anxiety levels rising – I had a few dry runs then went for it! After five perfect buttonholes, you guessed it –  it went mad on hole number six, and got stuck. What a mess! It’s not too noticeable. But then things got worse: I cut through the top buttonhole with the stitch ripper!


And then…. I realised i’d put the buttonhole on the wrong side of the cuff, so had to stitch it back together and add a buttonhole to the other side! So after ten long days of tender loving stitching i sabotaged the shirt with my finishing touches. Isn’t it always the way?


23 thoughts on “Grainline Archer. Warning: Contains Graphic Images of Topstitching!

  1. Looks brilliant – well done you! How frustrating re your last button hole – I have avoided them like the plague. Annoyingly my one step buttonhole feature doesn’t work – does two steps then stops! I had it in mind you had the Granville on the go. Happy Easter to you and yours x


  2. Aw such a shame after all that amazing work you’ve done. There’s only you that will notice though, it looks perfect in the photos. Don’t let it spoil you enjoying wearing it. Btw it looks fab with your new floral pants! 😃


  3. I love topstitching. I love putting it in and taking it out, and repeating those steps all over again! 😄. Your button holes look fine. No one will ever notice the set back you had. They will just say it’s lovely, which it is. I usually sew in my button holes from the bottom up so that by the time I get to the top collar one, which is usually undone, I have it perfect!

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  4. Dude, high five for enjoying the process and going to town on your topstitching. Something to be proud of! It’s so, so, SO frustrating to get to the last bit and have a blooper but… I guess that’s in the nature of making stuff. It seems to happen to all of us! Take heart! Bet the next one will be perfection ;0). Also, it looks fabulous regardless!

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  7. I’m on the archer prowl, hence another comment from me! Loving your version, and going to look up the link for the alternative way to add the collar. I’m just on with making my first after having it traced off for over a year! 😀

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