Whatever Happened to Violet?

Isn’t it a great feeling when something turns out better than expected? You just want to wear it at every opportunity? Sadly, this dress isn’t one of them!! It’s the Violet by Bluegingerdoll, that I was playing with earlier in the year. I found the Bonnie with the Violet pencil skirt was a winning combination for me. The gathered sleeve head, the waistband, the slinky pencil skirt…. violetNonetheless, I was keen to finish the Violet as intended. I’d run out of this fantastic snakeskin ponte, so decided to try out a contrast skirt in navy ponte from Minerva Crafts. There’s not a whole lot to say about construction: the instructions were easy to follow. I wore this dress happily, but having seen the photos I guess the shape just doesn’t suit me. This isn’t a blog for moaning about body shape, etc. So that’s it. No more to say. Violet is now leaving the building!!

UPDATE: Violet has been rehomed to the Cancer Research shop in Streatham!


18 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Violet?

  1. Ooo! You’re right! But how about leaving just 3 inch of the ponte, and making a band on the bottom as the snakeskin suits you, it’s just the skirt bit that’s not too flattering. 😯


  2. It really doesn’t look that bad in the pictures but I know what you mean about just not feeling happy with something and not wanting to wear it – I have been there several times! Your more fitted Violet/Bonnie version looks amazing and I think this might have worked better all in one fabric with a little more drape? Onwards and upwards!


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  3. It must be said, I found Violet quite unflattering too in jersey. I think it needs to be really tight to be flattering. My bad version is now a skirt! I’ll look out for your dress in Streats though: I’m always in the charidee shops!

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