So Long, South London!

IMG_0362Dear sewing chums,

This week I want to ask you what kinds of posts make a good sewing blog. There’s a good reason for this: I am on the verge of an adventure.  A huge one. Involving many thousands of miles (and probably as many boxes).

You see, I don’t usually write much about life away from the sewing machine, but since I am about to be separated from my beloved Janome for a while until our possessions catch up with us I need to think about whether to continue with the blog. I have loved sharing my finished garments and connecting with all of you lovely folk, so it would be a great shame to shut up shop. I am also inappropriately proud of my little corner of t’internet. In around eight months I’ve amassed 230+ regular subscribers, and have had over 21,000 hits. I like to think that I’ve made some good buddies too, even if we’ve never met IRL (in real life!). So my awkward camera moments in front of the fireplace have not gone unnoticed. But i also have to be realistic about this impending sewing sabbatical.

Empty fireplace!

So my big questions are these: do I say a simultaneous goodbye to South London and the blog? Or carry on with it but accept that there won’t be any posts for quite a while? Are you in it for the long haul? Do you read blogs to look at finished projects, or are you interested in more varied posts? Would you like to hear about the fabulous textiles I hope to be buying around the world, even if I’m not stitching for a while?

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’m all ears.


42 thoughts on “So Long, South London!

  1. Absolutely DO NOT shut down the shop! Sewing friends are friends for good, even if you are not posting regularly! Just keep us updated with excitement from your travels. Good luck with your new adventures!


  2. Carry on! Think of all the fabric shops, exotic markets and stories of local tailors you can share with us whilst you wait for belongings to catch up. Share your new adventure was us! X

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  3. oh how exciting! Where are you moving to? I think you should definitely NOT shut the blog down. If you don’t get a chance to post for a while then we will be the happier to read your news when you are ready!


  4. Please don’t disappear. You have a lovely style and a great blog. You inspire. I read other blogs and love how it’s spring here and others are knitting woollies ready for winter. Life is about adapting. I would love your blog to adapt with you. Good luck whatever you decide K xXx

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  5. Please carry on. I always look forward to your blogs. Surely you will carry on with the sewing wherever you are.
    I will be very disappointed if you don’t. Thankyou for what you have done so far you have certainly encouraged me to get on with things.
    It would be great to hear your news from afar.


  6. I agree with all those voices above: please keep on blogging, even if it’s from the “outskirts” of the sewing world. Always nice to discover new horizons!


  7. Love your blog and would be very sorry if you shut up shop; it’s fab to see your sewing progression. Why not take a break and come back to it when you’ve found your new fabric shops?

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    • I’m wondering if it will be really liberating just to write about other aspects of sewing/fabric etc without the pressure to actually have to make anything! Has your sewing machine been out of late?


  8. Actualły made me sad thinking of losing a blog friend! You should definitely keep going, even if sporadically… I mostly read sewing blogs, but as you get to ‘know’ people more, it’s really nice to hear more about their lives outside of sewing. Good luck, sounds very exciting!


  9. Oh my word, you are such a tease. What are you doing? Where are you going? Don’t leave blog world – you were my first follower and remain my most consistent commenter. I’m with Navy Blue Threads – feeling very sad. X


    • It will be nice not to have to produce a whole new wardrobe every week!! I just hope I get time to make things as there’s so many patterns on my list that I won’t have time to make before the packers drag me kicking and screaming off the box containing my sewing machine!


  10. Really?? I was your first blog friend? That’s so lovely to hear. We have definitely been on the same road in the same direction at the same time with mostly the same sewing pattern!! (Apart from The Egg Dress, perhaps!). We are heading to South East Asia next month. Furniture and sewing machine to follow in the medium term! x


    • Yes – you were my first blog friend and I think the only other blog person I have met also in South West London. I insist you keep us updated AND send us all fabric AND invite us to stay! Have a wonderful adventure – Bon voyage PS You could start up a new Expats blog. I feel quite sorry for tend abandoned fireplace so perhaps that could be your headed pic? Last comment – advice really – best not to post on a Friday night at midnight when you’ve been out golf drinkies xxx

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  11. Hello love,
    It was lovely to meet you at lladybird’s meet up and wish you the best for your move.
    Hope to meet you again in the future. I’ll look out for your blog when it resumes.



  12. Oh no! You’ll have to keep your blog and let us know what you’re up to, even if it doesn’t include your Janome 😞
    Exciting times tho! And like everyone else i can’t wait to here where you’re heading and what you’ll be up to. But the burning question is, are you taking THE dress?!?! Maybe you could photograph it in different locations and we can guess where you are!
    Bon Voyage! xx


  13. Please don’t go! Yes, I love to read and see photos of other places…even the different streets and houses….how else would we know anything!?! So please keep up updated! X


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