Sewing for Small People

When it comes to sewing for kids, I’m torn. The home sewist in me loves the idea of cute and quirky unique clothes lovingly made by hand. But my practical side wonders whether it’s ever really worth the effort. Perhaps I’m guilty of a nostalgia for my own distant childhood of homemade clothes. I mean, what’s not to like about pink knitted balaclavas with pom-poms on?! Let us not even mention the brown crimplene flares with white crosses on that worked like bully-magnets. My sister and I won’t have been the only ones to have spent their childhoods in highly flammable apparel.Β  I guess what I’m saying is that there seems to be a perennial mismatch between mum-made childhood clothes and the gratitude of the recipients. Should I really expect my fickle small people to appreciate the work that goes into the clothes they request on a whim?

GBSB Shirred Dress

So, I’m still waiting for my youngest small person to decide whether she wants to try on her new GBSB Shirred Elastic Dress from the Fashion With Fabric book. It’s hard to gauge her impressions as yet, but I am rather pleased with this little number. It was my first attempt at shirring, and it was far easier than I ever thought. The whole project was an evening’s work.Β  I used elephant/mammoth print cotton lawn bought on Goldhawk Road, which I’ve seen on a few other blogs. See Amy of Almond Rock’s blog for a more grown-up take on the fabric, and a discussion on whether it’s an elephant or a mammoth!

GBSB Shirred Dress

More success has been had with these fantastic reversible sun hats. In fact it was hard to get my hands on them for the photo! The pattern is from the Oliver & S book, Little Things To Sew, and was really simple to follow.The topstitching around the crown and on the brim give this hat a really high quality finish. I made both hats up in left-over quilting cotton: Amy Butler’s Tumble Rose pattern, and the hyacinth one is an old Kaffe Fassett. The sizing comes up a little small, so perhaps they won’t last as many years as I’d hoped.

I found the pattern online for free:

Pattern and instructions:

So, are your homemade gifts received with compliment or complaint? And will they one day grow to appreciate them, or should I just give up now and go back to selfish sewing?


20 thoughts on “Sewing for Small People

  1. What a gorgeous dress! My boy is too wee to really be bothered about what he’s wearing, except that it has enough freedom of movement to climb & run about. Although he did give me big smiles for a tshirt I made with animal transfer on the front so that was nice! I hope your wee girl changes her mind back & decides to wear her dress!

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  2. Such a lovely dress. Must have a go at one of these for my daughter before she gets too old. My daughter loves the items I’ve made for her so far, but there’s a reason I haven’t attempted much for my son so far…. Although he dies love his. American eagle sweatshirt πŸ™‚


  3. I like sewing for my eldest daughter as the clothes can be passed down. It does make me sad when they’re grown out of 😦 You’re kids clothes are beautiful.


  4. I made a cute ruffled blanket for a new baby niece last year and I e never seen it used so am reluctant to bother.
    My son once turned his nose up at something, so I gave it to his older cool cousin, he was mortified and soon wished he’d been more grateful! πŸ˜€

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  5. Ahh, love the first pic! My little people sewing experience is exactly as you have described – I made WONDERFUL whimsical dresses in a fabric showing the instructions for how to make paper planes – they have been worn once! Ungrateful little toads – selfish sewing all the way from now on! Really? Shirting is easy? Doesn’t look it.


  6. I think having boys is a disadvantage – all they want to wear is jeans and sportswear! If I had girls I’m sure I’d make them much more stuff to wear. I did make my two PJ bottoms once which went down well, in fact the younger one still wears the passed down pair I originally made for the older one!
    That little elephant print shirred dress is beautiful by the way, I’ll think of you whenever I see the fabric on the Goldhawk Rd! x


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