Laurel in the Highlands

Chances are, you come here for the sewing. You might even drop by to see what the ‘daft cow’s up to now’, wondering why on earth I choose to put photos of myself on the internet. Either way I thought it was high time I threw in a bit of scenery for good measure.
We’ve just come back from a lovely break in the Cameron Highlands, the land of tea and strawberry plantations. We managed high tea with scones, cream and jam; a roast dinner; and a drinks in front of an open fire in the local pub. It was the perfect opportunity to get some outfits photographed against a backdrop that didn’t include my balcony wall.

So here I am amidst the tea bushes in my latest Laurel by Colette Patterns. I’ve been on a roll with this pattern as it’s a really good fit for me, and the perfect vehicle for interesting and striking fabric. I’ve made five of these babies so far, and can’t imagine there won’t be more. It’s a feminine shape with a gently flared skirt, although it’s a bit crumpled here after a long drive.

I bought this gorgeous Japanese cotton from Malin Textiles in People’s Park, Singapore. I was very taken with the bright bauble colours on a dark background. The lady who sold it to me said that it was a ‘famous’ style print. Knowing nothing about Japanese textiles, I wondered if anyone could shed any light? I’ve photographed the selvedge below for any Japanese speakers. Any information would be gratefully received.


23 thoughts on “Laurel in the Highlands

  1. Oooh, what a pretty dress and gorgeous scenery!!!! I’m far from fluent in Japanese, so I could be wrong here, but the first 4 characters (the simple ones) just spell out “high colour”. It is a very classic (famous?) type of print – black background, bright reds and aqua blue, those balls, the organic cloud shapes in the background… very distinctly Japanese. Maybe that was shat she meant? I love that print – I’d buy it for sure if I saw it!


    • I thought it might be the name of the designer or fabric company. i hadn’t thought it might just be the colours – d’oh! Maybe she just meant it was a ‘typical’ Japanese style. Thanks for sharing your hidden talents.


  2. Wow! Look at them views! And your dress is fab too! This style really suits you and must be perfect for the heat – I really can’t image it, it’s miserable here today.
    PS I washed the fabric last night. I’m going to see if I can fit vogue 1353 out of it. I’ve made it before and have a low key wedding coming up which I think would be perfect. 😃

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