Laurel by the Sea

I’ve been on a roll with Laurel by Colette Patterns, but I think I’ve come to the end of the run for now. It’s become a wardrobe staple: a simple shape, a quick and easy pattern and a perfect way to focus on the fabric.

 This fabric is a geometric print viscose from Spotlight. I only ever go in for a zip and usually come out with at least three different fabrics, plus patterns and notions. It makes for an expensive lunch break!  Looking at these pics, I’m glad I took my time over the pattern alignment. This is one print that would have looked dreadful had I not centred it. As with the tropical Viscose Laurel, I omitted the back zip and used bias binding to finish the neckline.

So here I am dazzling everyone with my Snow White complexion. Some people manage to look effortlessly golden on the beach. I just look hot and bothered!
Have you been reading Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow’s Better Pictures Project? I can’t be alone in not enjoying the photography sessions. I don’t think it’s the highlight of my husband’s week either! Yet I’m still compelled to record my handmade clothes. For this post I thought I’d take up Gillian’s October homework challenge to incorporate movement into photos.

So a small improvement I think. But with this scenery to look at, it was fairly easy to forget about being photographed. Gillian’s definitely inspired me to raise my game! #betterpicturesproject 


15 thoughts on “Laurel by the Sea

  1. These pictures are lovely! The walking in the surf pic is so evocative of beachy good times – makes me wish I was somewhere warm instead of somewhere about to get snow! 😉
    You chose a perfect use for that print – and kuddos on the pattern symmetry!


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