Happy New Year in the Gregorian and Chinese lunar calendars! I started the New Year with a diet – a smart phone diet! And as with most diets, once you get over the worst bit it becomes a little bit life changing!

I’d noticed that I was spending increasing amounts of time enthralled with your amazing sewing blogs and visually tantalizing Instagram feeds. It was time to give it a rest and rejoin the real world!
I’ve enjoyed taking time out and regaining some reading and sewing time, but now I want to share with you my new Colette Patterns Wren dress. I’m really pleased with it after the alterations I made. The fabric is a gorgeous and light viscose knit that feels like it’s floating on your skin. In order to get a perfect fit I read and re-read Thimberlina’s detailed description of her alterations.ย Thank goodness for other bloggers doing the hard yards! I mocked up a bodice and found that not only was it too short, but there was not enough coverage across the wrap, so I lengthened the whole bodice by 1″ and extended the front wrap panels by 1/2″ at the top, grading out to 1″ at the bottom which resulted in a much more substantial overlap. It worked! To stabilize the neckline I added clear plastic tape around the whole of the front and around the neck. This has given me much needed bust-security and so far there hasn’t been so much as a flash of bra!

My final tweak was to swap out the original skirt for version B. I thought it looked a bit full for my taste, so added a Moneta skirt instead. What do you think?


25 thoughts on “Wren

  1. Waaay! You look fantastic in your Wren! The fit looks perfect! I think I might have to make another now after seeing yours – I’ve some jerseys that look a similar weight. I’m think I might not need to add the length to the bodice if the fabric has a little more stretch. Now do I need to make a muslin with the new fabric??!! :-0

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    • I’m a read advocate for muslins! I would have naturally done a swayback adj but it didn’t need it. I did lengthen the bodice by 1″ all around. Forgot to mention that! Will add a comment!! The original bodice was way too short. It was like a bikini top without all the alterations!

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  2. Lovely choice of fabric! I absolutely agree that reading other people’s blogs about their alterations can be a total help- so many great tips are out there and being able to take someone else’s experience can me life easier.

    The dress looks amazing on you!

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