Thank you Yorkshire Spoolettes!!

The very best thing about being a 21st Century seamstress is being part of a global sewing community. No need to be shut away in solitude with only a sewing machine for company (unless of course you want to)!

Living on the other side of the world from more or less everyone I know, being in touch with sewists from ‘back home’ has even more importance for me. So I pay particular attention to what’s going on, especially in Yorkshire.  Thimberlina has done a sterling job of bringing together the Yorkshire Spoolettes and arranging meet-ups in Dewsbury. Thimbers and I go back to my early blogging days. I once coveted her GBSB drapey knit dress. Lo and behold – a few days later it arrived through my letterbox! I was thrilled, and so was Thimbers to see the back of it! Read all about it here!

To cut a long story short, for the last meet-up participants contributed gifts towards a prize for whoever could guess the total mileage of everyone travelling to Dewsbury. I would have done almost anything to go to the meet-up, apart from maybe flying 15 hours from Malaysia to Manchester. Not only did loads of my favourite Brit bloggers go, but the Spoolettes stole the show with their world’s largest gathering of Moneta dresses at the International Moneta Party. Anyway, I digress –  I won!!!

My prize arrived this week. Ladies – I was literally speechless as I unwrapped each incredible, thoughtful and personal gift. I can’t thank you enough!! From the gift labels, particular thanks go to Pam (SweetPeaGreen), Simona (Sewing Adventures in the Attic), Helen (Just Sew Therapeutic), Katrina (Rolling Eyeballs), Gemma (Mustachioed Threads), Karen (Wakey Makes), Sam, and of course Thimbers herself!! Please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone out, as not everything had labels on.

Here I am on Mother’s Day today wearing my Colette Moneta dress and new brooch – thank you!


4 thoughts on “Thank you Yorkshire Spoolettes!!

  1. OMG! That dress comes to haunt me all the time! I don’t have many regrets in life but one is not doing my hair and make up that day!!
    On a much brighter note I’m so glad the parcel finally arrived, I was thinking my post lady might have messed up, so that’s a huge relief. And I’m so glad that you love everything….I bet it was like Christmas when you opened it!
    Hopefully I’ll see you in August….how exciting 🙂 xx


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