Hello! I’m Rachel, and I love making my own clothes!


I learned the basics of dressmaking from my Mum when i was a teenager. I have always loved the sense of satisfaction that comes with creating something unique of your very own. However, as hard as I tried back then, the end results never lived up to my aspirations. I was too impatient to take the time to get it right.

Over the years I’ve turned my hand to all manner of crafty projects from patchwork quilts to knitting. But last year, the dressmaking bug bit again! I had no idea quite how far the home sewing scene had come until it began to creep into the mainstream. I was seduced by the amazing choice of indie patterns, and spent countless hours scouring inspiring blogs to re-learn the basics and improve my skills.

But, as much as I have loved spending time at my sewing machine, I have gained so much more.

I have found it empowering on many levels to create unique clothes. Over time I have become less reliant on the ‘fast fashion’ of the High Street, with all of the ethical issues that go with it. It has been a liberating experience to begin to develop a sense of personal style away from ‘trends’. I have also developed a new-found respect for the creative process and that someone, somewhere, has been involved in the production of my ‘stuff’. Finally, I have had to think more carefully about what it is that I ‘want’ and ‘need’. Making your own clothes is a commitment: you can’t try them on in the shop first or take them back if you change your mind!

Now more than ever in our disposable consumerist world I feel that it’s so important to teach and learn creative skills such as sewing and knitting. Through these skills we gain patience, develop our innate creativity, and most of all find enjoyment.

So why am I writing this blog when the sewing blogosphere is so full of talented and inspiring people sharing their skills and creativity? I have gained so much from perusing blogs for ideas and techniques. I want to share images of my makes, good and disastrous, to help inspire others to give it a try. Through reading others’ sewing blogs I have also found a community of like-minded creative types. This is a community I want to be part of!

Other than obsessively sewing, I am a working mum and booklover with an unnatural yearning for clogs.

Please visit again and see what I’ve been making.

Rachel x


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Horsebox, this is all well and good, and don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the clothes to date. If ewe get me to pick up a needle and thread, ewe’ve moved mountains! But what I really feel is missing from the current collection is a bowl of knitted prawns. Can ewe help?

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  2. I totally agree with you on all points about why I sew and knit and what I get out of it. Well said! Glad to find you here on the ol’ internet. I’ll be clicking that bloglovin button now!


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