The Blog Hop Stops in South London!

The girls

Greetings Sewistas! It’s been a busy few weeks in South London, and my sew-life balance is seriously out of kilter. That said, I managed to squeeze in another Mathilde blouse last week, this time in leftover Liberty Tana Lawn from my recent and beloved Sureau. Despite life-threatening fatigue I just couldn’t help myself!  Blog post to follow….

One very exciting sewing development of the week was being selected by Beth of SunnyGal Studio, aka The Pattern Whisperer, to help me find the PERFECT party frock. She offered her pattern whispering skills up to help her blog readers select sewing patterns. I couldn’t resist and she has very kindly agreed to help me find the perfect pattern for my forthcoming birthday celebrations. A lady never tells, but it does have a zero on the end, so it’s imperative that I look KNOCK-OUT!! I can’t wait to see what she selects, and will report back!

I was also thrilled to be nominated by Clarinda of Clarinda Kaleidoscope to contribute to the blog hop. I enjoy her blog enormously, and feel that we’re at a similar point in our sewing odyssey. Forging supportive links with other sewists is exactly why I wanted to burst into print and share my makes with the online sewing community. There’s sew much sewing love going on!

Belcarra in Liberty Mitzi

So without further ado, here’s my blog hop:

Why Do I Write?

I love words!! Like most bloggers, I’ve always been a massive reader and bit of a scribbler. I’ve got childhood/teenage journals detailing every event between the ages of 11 and, er, now-ish. Wouldn’t that make an interesting post…?

I started making clothes again last year after a twenty year break, and was so overexciting by my makes that I wanted to tell everyone that my clothes were handmade. I spent, and continue to spend, countless hours reading blogs for inspiration, sewing tips, and scouring images of patterns I wanted to make.

So my decision to start a blog was two-fold: I could channel my pride in dressing handmade into a blog where like-minded folk could seek it out, thus saving my dear colleagues and friends from having to feign interest in my wardrobe. Secondly, I have improved my skills immeasurably from reading other blogs. My sewing experience has been enriched by being able to see other people’s makes. Once I had made a number of homemade garments it was a natural, if scary, step to start a blog where I could contribute images of my pattern and fabric choices in my size. It’s all part of being a community.

What Am I Working On At The Moment?

Ooh! That’s an easy one. I was ‘trying’ to let the sewing machine cool down for a week or two, but I had signed up for a sneek preview of Colette Patterns’ Dahlia. As soon as I clicked on the email, I immediately bought a PDF copy of the pattern and had my two pre-schoolers helping with the glue & sellotape! I’m partway through making the first toile, but should probably wait for the sewalong to get the bust adjustments right.

Rose Red

I’ve also got some very pleasurable knitting on the go. It’s Ysolda’s Rose Red hat pattern, and my first foray into lace knitting. I’m enjoying knitting a few rounds each night and knowing it won’t take long to complete.

How Does Your Blog Differ From Other Blogs?

Do other sewing blogs include knitted prawns?! Seriously though, my blog only differs because it’s me and my sewing choices. I wouldn’t say I had a particular niche or USP. I find sewing an immensely satisfying hobby which has become part of my life. I don’t envisage making this into more than a hobby, so I’m not trying to launch a new career. It’s just a very satisfying outlet for my passion for sewing, and I am excited to be contributing to the huge online resource of sewing patterns in different fabrics and sizes.

Emery Dress

How Does My Writing Process Work?

I’m usually thinking in sentences when I sew. There’s always a few ‘incidents’ that I want to record, so I jot a few thoughts down as I’m going along. The real writing only gets done when I’ve got the photos taken and get the laptop out. I was worried that I might find the blog-writing an added pressure to my already jam-packed life (career, kids, husband etc). But the truth is the writing takes very little time, and the posts kind of write themselves. And I’m going to be sewing anyway.


The blog hop seems to have travelled some miles, so it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t blog hopped, but I would like to nominate Attempts at Being a Grown-Up to hop on to the blog hop next. I always enjoy reading her posts on all manner of crafty activity, and I’m willing her on to knit her second sock! Toodlepip!