Laurel in the Highlands

Chances are, you come here for the sewing. You might even drop by to see what the ‘daft cow’s up to now’, wondering why on earth I choose to put photos of myself on the internet. Either way I thought it was high time I threw in a bit of scenery for good measure.
We’ve just come back from a lovely break in the Cameron Highlands, the land of tea and strawberry plantations. We managed high tea with scones, cream and jam; a roast dinner; and a drinks in front of an open fire in the local pub. It was the perfect opportunity to get some outfits photographed against a backdrop that didn’t include my balcony wall.

So here I am amidst the tea bushes in my latest Laurel by Colette Patterns. I’ve been on a roll with this pattern as it’s a really good fit for me, and the perfect vehicle for interesting and striking fabric. I’ve made five of these babies so far, and can’t imagine there won’t be more. It’s a feminine shape with a gently flared skirt, although it’s a bit crumpled here after a long drive.

I bought this gorgeous Japanese cotton from Malin Textiles in People’s Park, Singapore. I was very taken with the bright bauble colours on a dark background. The lady who sold it to me said that it was a ‘famous’ style print. Knowing nothing about Japanese textiles, I wondered if anyone could shed any light? I’ve photographed the selvedge below for any Japanese speakers. Any information would be gratefully received.