Single White Female in South London: Thimberlina’s GBSB dress!


Lucky lucky me! I have a dress to blog about today that I can take no credit for. Last week, Thimberlina posted about her GBSB drapey dress, and how she wasn’t entirely happy with the finished garment. The consensus from her readers was that although it was an interesting design, it wasn’t massively wearable due to its Humpty-Dumpty-esque design. I couldn’t disagree more! Despite its egg-like proportions, It was love at first sight! So, Thimberlina very kindly sent it down to South London for me to rehome it, and maybe even remodel it. If you haven’t come across this dress, it’s from The Great British Sewing Bee: Fashion With Fabric, published to accompany this year’s TV series.

IMG_0412Wearing someone else’s hand-made dress reminded me of the 1992 film ‘Single White Female’, where creepy new housemate takes stalking to a whole new level altering her appearance to look like her host. Am I showing my age here? Sorry, Thimbelina. I hope this isn’t too disturbing to read about! I won’t be moving to Yorkshire just yet (sadly).

There’s really very little to say about the dress. Thimberlina described the construction process in her post. I was going to consider whether to make any alterations. But the truth is I just love it the way it is! My daughters have nick-named it The Moon Dress for obvious reasons! I’ve worn it here with black tights and my trusty white Church’s brogues. From the photos, it looks like I might have static issues.

IMG_0417I will try to force myself to hem it before I wear it to work next week, and will come up with a suitable retort for those asking whether I’m expecting again! Having seen the photos, I think Thimberlina’s right about the hands-in-pockets pose being most flattering!

A huge thank you to Thimberlina for sending me a gorgeous dress and for doing all the hard work. There’s definitely wardrobe space for this dress in my house!


Bonnies by the Bunch!

Hey there! How have you been? Getting withdrawal symptoms after the end of series 3 GBSB?! Sewing has forced it’s way up to the top of my to-do list this week –  a cheeky day off work spent on Goldhawk Road, the cutting out of my long-awaited Grainline Archer, and part 1 of the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers class. Part two is next week, and i literally cannot wait to finish my lurid red floral party pants. I’ve tried on one leg so far (admittedly not the best way to gauge fit) and I think there’s more work to be done to avoid the ‘jodhpur’ look.

lace bonnieBut, for your sewing pleasure today, I bring you a pair of Bonnies! I wrote plenty here of how much I loved this pattern by Bluegingerdoll. My beloved snakeskin version has become a wardrobe staple. I bought another metre of ponte roma from eBay, ensuring that the colour would work with my white-threaded overlocker (note to self: I really need to force myself to learn to re-thread this thing!).

This time around I added 1.5″ to the bodice length to cover a little more of my modesty. It retains the cropped look, but I still have to wear a vest under it. I loved it so much that I made another lengthened one from some gorgeous striped cotton knit from The Cloth House purchased with more birthday vouchers. Gosh, I was spoiled this year! Of all the things I have made this year, I am most pleased with my Bonnies.

Bluegingerdoll BonnieI am most definitely a repeat sewist – if I like it, I make it over and over again. Along with three Bonnies I’ve made four Monetas (spots, pink, snake, black) and three Mathildes (butterflies, chambray, Liberty lawn). Are you a thrifty sewist, making the most of your favourite patterns, or are you seduced by new patterns? What are your favourite go-to patterns to revamp?

kanervaI’ll leave you with one of my one-offs: the Named Patterns Kanerva top that nearly didn’t fit! Happy weekend!