The Queen of UFOs

My Mum. Where to begin? She’s kind, caring, efficient, hardworking, etc etc, but one thing I didn’t know about her until recently is that she has a HUGE stash of unfinished projects (UFOs). Take, for example, the cardigan she’s yet to finish for my brother. She started it before he was born. He’s now 38. pattern backShe recently gave me a package she’d found in the loft containing everything needed to make this incredible vintage pattern. It appears to have been a freebie from Woman’s Weekly, and contains four different skirt views and a pair of trousers. The pattern is a size 12, and is for a 26″ waist. I like to think of myself as a size 12, but my waist hasn’t been 26″ since I was a teenager. Or earlier. I won’t be finishing this project. co-op zip From the accompanying Co-op paper bag, we can deduce that this zip was bought in Hull Co-op in 1976 for the princely sum of 23p. I love the Co-op’s by-line on the bag “The Sign of a Modern Store”. vintage fabric The most nostalgic part of this find for me is the orange tailor tacks. You see, when my Mum taught me to dressmake in the early 1990s she instilled in me the importance of marking darts and other features with tailor tacks. We had a huge spool of orange cotton that was used in every garment I ever made as a teenager.  Mum thinks it came from her great-aunt who was a seamstress. I can still remember feeling a bit sad when it eventually ran out. tailors tacks Are you a starter or a finisher? Can you beat a UFO from 1976?